Welcome to the GCHS Choral Department! We are SO excited to make music together! In order to get to all the fun stuff, we all have some important logistical items to do. Please review/submit all information below. 

The following items must be read, turned in, and/or completed no later than Friday, August 12, 2022. Earlier is better! (If a student joins mid-semester or mid-year, paperwork should be completed two weeks following class enrollment.) Forms must be completed and turned in (either by paper or via email) to Ms. Lisa Knartzer (, Music Department Secretary, located in the Music Department.

READ & REVIEW the following information:

Choir/Drama Calendar

Choir/Drama Calendar

Click here to add this to your personal Google Calendar.

This calendar is also embedded into a Google Calendar here.


Student Survey

Complete online Google Survey.

Parent/Guardian Survey

Complete online Google Survey. We ask that all parents/guardians complete this survey individually.

Students/Parents/Guardians Sign Up for "Remind 101"

TURN IN (signed & completed) the following forms:

Student Health Record
Student/Parent/Guardian Agreement

(the backside of this paper)

Course Fee

See Choral Handbook

Not due until October 5, 2022 – earlier encouraged.

Optional Forms Include (same turn in instructions as above):

Financial Assistance Form
Private Voice Lesson Scholarship Application Form
Excused Absence Request Form
Follow us on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @woodmenchoir

Follow us on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @woodmenchoir

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? See if it it is answered below. If not answered here check the handbook, other website literature, or on Canvas. If you’re still stumped, email Mr. Watson at

Being in Choir

Do I have to audition to be in Choir?

No! Anyone can (and should!) join choir! Simply enroll See “Auditions” in the Choral Department Handbook.


Can I be in more than one Choir?

Yes! Students are encouraged to enroll in multiple choirs!

“My friends and I aren’t good singers. Should we be in Choir if we can’t sing?”

First of all, everyone can sing! It’s Mr. Watson’s job to help you become an even more skilled singer! Consider this quote: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” – Zimbabwean Proverb. Secondly, why do you take a science class? To get better at science! Why do you take an art class? To get better at art! Why do you take a choir class? To get better at singing! In fact, if you feel like you have a lot of room for growth in your singing ability, you should be in choir to learn! Talk to Mr. Watson to figure out which class would be most appropriate for you. See “Course Descriptions” to review different course offerings. 

How do I join Choir?

Sign up with your counselor for “Beginning Choir”. Chat with Mr. Watson too! See “Auditions” in the Choral Department Handbook.

What kinds of things do you do in Choir?
  • We sing! We learn to enjoy many styles and genres of music. We express ourselves and other people’s experiences through music! We prepare for various concerts (at least one per quarter). A typical class rehearsal looks like:

 – Warm-up and work on vocal technique (5-10 minutes)

 – Practice/explore music literacy/context (5-10 minutes)

 – Rehearse music for the upcoming concert (rest of the time)

 – Have fun singing great music with friends (all of the time!)

What kind of people are in Choir?

All kinds of people! We have students from all different backgrounds and groups. Our similarities and differences from one another help us make awesome music! We have students in all different organizations: Student Council, Honor Society, ROTC, Gamers Club, Theatre, etc. as well as all kinds of athletes! Along with these, we have students who are in the top of their class!

Can I play a sport and participate in Choir?

Yes! Most often these do not conflict, due to the collaboration between directors and coaches. If conflicts do arise, we work together to resolve those conflicts. Many singers are also athletes! 

What if I can't fit Choir into my schedule?
  • Where there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes it takes a little maneuvering, but most students can be in Choir for four years, and all students can fit it in at least one year! We encourage students to be in Choir in their freshman year. That way, if they enjoy it, they can continue. However, all students are welcome to join Choir at any point in their high school career. 
  • If you are having trouble staying in choir, the key is to plan out your four years. Try not to fall into the trap of trying to get every required credit out of the way in the first two years.  Enjoy your high school years by being in Choir and making awesome friends and memories!


How am I graded?

Students earn grades based on their level of performance on an assignment. See “Assessment (Grading)” in the Choral Department Handbook. 


What materials do I need for this class?

Most resources are provided. Students need to provide a few. See “Course Materials” and “Uniforms” in the Choral Department Handbook.


What do I do if I have a problem with an assignment/other student/teacher?

Critically think about how you could solve that problem. If you are able to effectively solve the problem, solve the problem. Talk with your teacher for further guidance.


How do I know what voice part I sing?

Mr. Watson will place you on a vocal part that is suitable for your voice. Often the higher voice parts are Soprano (women) and Tenor (men) and the lower voice parts are Alto (women) and Bass (men).


Concerts & Performances

How do I find the calendar of important dates?

Click HERE to view the in PDF form. Click HERE to view the calendar on Google Calendar. Click HERE to add the google calendar to your google calendar.


What is the required performance attire?

Uniforms are worn as outlined under “Uniforms” in the Choral Department Handbook. The majority of uniform items are provided to students (dresses/tuxedos) and are rented as a part of their course fees. Students are responsible for taking care of their assigned uniforms. Before each performance, students’ appearance will be checked to make sure they are following uniform expectations. Any deviance from the required attire must be corrected before the student may perform.

What is the protocol if a student misses a performance?

See “Attendance Policy” in the Choral Department Handbook” to help determine whether a rehearsal or performance absence is considered excused or unexcused. Contact Mr. Watson as soon as possible to discuss the nature of any absences. Regardless of the kind of absence, we will have to make plans to cover the parts of the person missing. Hopefully, there aren’t emergencies that make it so a student has to miss, as weeks of preparation can be lost and one person not being there changes the performance for everyone. If the student misses because of an illness or injury, please make sure to get a doctor’s note. Please refer to the Choral Department Handbook for more information about attendance expectations and grading.