Parents, here you will find all the paperwork and information you need for this school year. Be sure to check here often in order to stay up-to-date on all things Woodmen Choir!

Paperwork to be turned in

The paperwork below must be filled out and turned back in as soon as possible. These may be emailed as a pdf to Ms. Knartzer ( or printed out and sent in. If you have questions, contact Mr. Borns or Ms. Knartzer.

Student Information/Parent Survey (Google Form)

Click on the link to complete the survey. Please complete by 8/14/20 or as soon as your child enrolls in Woodmen Choirs.

Medication Information Form
Information Acknowledgement Form
Financial Assistance Form (if needed)

This form is optional if you feel your child will need financial assistance throughout this school year.

Financial Assistance Form

Information to read

It is imperative that all the information in the following forms be read and understood prior to signing the Information Acknowledgement Form. If you need to double check any information or have questions, these forms will always be here for your reference.

Greenwood Music Department Handbook
Student Account Policy
Choir Department Calendar
Special Announcement Notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you have to compose an email or make a phone call, check through these frequently asked questions and see if there’s one that has an answer for you!


How is my student graded in your class?

Students are graded based on participation, attendance, and ability to execute the music that they have been given.  Most of the grade is figured based on participation in class and attendance during concerts/performances. Giving consistent effort goes a long way to help students improve as musicians, so this because a driving force behind grading.   Please see the Music Department Handbook for more information. The choir grading policy is as follows:

Choir Grading Policy

Nine Week Grading Period

60% Daily Participation – 3 points per day

  • Attitude – director’s discretion – one warning
  • Participation – required material (pencil, music, singing in turn, etc.)
  • Attendance – Points coming from the Greenwood Music Department classroom attendance policy will be figured into your daily participation grade.

40%    Tests

  • Written assignments (ranging point values)
  • Singing/Playing/Concerts/Performances
  • Performances scheduled with two weeks prior notice are required for a grade.  Not all performances occur on days when school is in session or on the Greenwood Community High School campus, but all are subject to the same guidelines.

Performance Attendance/Grading

Students may make up a concert providing that:

  • A wedding; you must provide a month’s notice and be in the wedding party
  • Hospitalization of yourself or immediate relation
  • Death in immediate family
  • Other circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis

Care should be taken in order to avoid appointments with the dentist, eye doctor, family doctor, etc.  Work schedules should also be planned accordingly. Seeing the doctor or going to work will not be an excuse for missing a concert.  Family events or vacations should be scheduled so as to avoid conflicts if at all possible.

Unless they fall under the above guidelines, they will be difficult to excuse.

Music issued to students is the responsibility of the student.  If a student loses his or her school owned sheet music, he or she will be given a deadline to find the music.  If no sheet music is found, the student will be subject to paying the replacement cost for the music. Music should be turned in on the first school day following the performance, unless otherwise specified by the director.  Failure to turn in music will also result in the loss of daily participation points for each day that the music is late or left unpaid.

Concert Etiquette Grading

Students receive one hundred points per concert.  Some performances will count for more than one concert grade, i.e. ISSMA Organizational Contest – 250 pts. Students will lose 13 points for the following infractions of concert etiquette:

  1. Tardiness
  2. Lack of a tie, dress shoes, dress pants, dress shirt
  3. Improper uniform
  4. Leaving early
  5. Cell phones out during concert – phone will also be confiscated until the end of the concert
  6. **Absence – minus one hundred points


What does my student need to bring to your class?

Each student should bring his or her music folder, a pencil to take notes with, and their technological device to class each day.  A bottle of water is also allowed during class but not required. Other than these items, the only other thing to bring is a willingness to learn!

Where can I find information about what you work on during class?

The best place to find information about the music being rehearsed is to check on the practice links found on Canvas.  If you would like more in depth information about what is happening on a given day because of an absence, the easiest way to get this information would be to email one of the directors.  Most days in the classes involve a focused music reading portion, along with work on the literature leading up to the next performance.

Concerts, Contests, & Performances

How do I find a calendar of performance dates?

The calendar of performance dates can be found in several places.  There is the general calendar of choir and drama department dates that can be found in the student handbook.  This calendar is also sent home at the beginning of each school year, and it outlines the anticipated performance and contest dates for the year.  In addition, there is a Google calendar that can be found on Canvas by clicking on the Google calendar link at the bottom of each choir’s home page.  Dates can also be found on the events page.


What is the required performance attire?

Choir Costumes

The following costumes must be worn as indicated. The choral director or a parent will check to make sure students’ costumes are to standard before each performance. Any deviance from the required attire must be corrected before the student may perform. Refusal to correct attire mistakes will result in loss of concert participation points. The choral director or a parent will launder the rented formal costumes. Students are expected to respect and take care of their costumes. If a student purposely destroys or ruins his/her costume, he or she will be expected to purchase a new costume.

Women: Formal Costume

  1. Rented Costume from Choral Department ($50 fee, see Financial Obligations sheet.) Students will be fitted once for the dress. If alterations are needed after the initial proper fitting, students will be responsible for further alterations.
  2. Black Character Shoes and Jet Black hose.
  3. Returning choir students will use their previously worn shoes.
  4. New students will be required to purchase shoes for $30 and provide their own hosiery. Contact the choral director if this will be a hardship for you.
  5. Women may wear small stud earrings in the ears only. No other jewelry may be worn, including facial piercings.

Men: Formal Costume

  1. Rented Costume from Choral Department ($50 fee, see Financial Obligations sheet.)
  2. Black shoes – Black shoes should be purchased.
  3. Black socks – Students must provide their own socks. (White socks are unacceptable.)
  4. No jewelry may be worn.

Women: Make-up/Hair

  1. Hair must be neat and off of the face. Hair should be pinned back so that pieces do not fall in face during performance. Hair accessories should be minimal, and should match the color of the student’s hair.
  2. Makeup must be tasteful. Mascara, blush, and lipstick should be worn. Choose colors that complement your coloring. Glitter is not to be worn. Nails must be colorless. Clear nail polish and French tips are acceptable.
  3. Deodorant is required, but perfume is not allowed.

Men: Appearance/Hair

  1. Hair must be worn neatly and off of the face.
  2. Men must be neatly groomed and clean.
  3. Deodorant is required, but cologne is not allowed.

Women and Men: Casual Costume

  1. Choir Polo Shirt
  2. Black Dress Pants
  3. Black/dark shoes (not athletic shoes). Closed-toed and backed shoes may be necessary for some events.
  4. Minimal, tasteful jewelry may be worn.
  5. Hair must be worn neatly and off of the face.
  6. Make-up must be tasteful.
  7. Deodorant is required, but perfume or cologne is not allowed.
What is the protocol if my student has to miss a performance?

Please contact one of the directors about this via email.  The earlier we have the information the better. Even if the absence will not be considered excused, we will have to make plans to cover the parts of the person missing.  Hopefully there aren’t emergencies that make it so a student has to miss, as weeks of preparation can be lost and one person not being there changes the performance for everyone.   If the student misses because of an illness or injury, please make sure to get a doctor’s note. Please refer to the Music Department Handbook for more information on grading and excused absences.